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Welcome to The Disney Hideaway

The Disney Hideaway

The patio/pool area is an important feature of a holiday villa and as with all things the overall quality can differ greatly between villas. In the year spent it took to find the Disney Hideaway I viewed a great many properties and very few offered the same wonderfully peaceful atmosphere that his property does.

Unlike the Disney Hideaway many were overlooked at either side by the patio areas of other villas and in some cases were directly opposite and in full view of the patio/pool area of an adjoining villa.

Many offered limited space around the pool and no shade from the sun, whilst others were close enough to main roads to ensure that the constant hum of traffic was the dominant feature in the overall ambience.

Many such villas are advertised as being able to accommodate 10 people yet in reality, whilst they may offer 4 bedrooms and a sofa bed, they offer only two bathrooms and one lounge and when combined with a small pool/patio area can prove somewhat of a squeeze for 8 guests let alone 10, as comments in guest books often reflect.



Welcome to The Disney Hideaway

The Disney Hideaway is managed by a family company RPM Highlands located themselves on Highlands Reserve. RPM Highlands are on hand to deal with any problems that may arise in respect

of the property and will be on hand at the start of your stay to provide you with a tour and introduction to the workings of the property.